For The First Time, Astronomers May Have Heard The Background ‘Hum’ of The Universe

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I hear it all the time. Doc keeps saying it’s tinnitus but I know better.


Listening to gravitational waves is pretty amazing, but the headline is misleading. Listen to static on the radio, or and old crt TV and you can hear and see the background hum of the universe.


to the smelloscope!


“Hmmm…” ~The Universe, 2021


>There are other things that could produce this signal. For example, a pulsar timing array needs to be analysed from a frame of reference that isn’t accelerating, which means that any data needs to be transposed into the centre of the Solar System, known as the barycentre, rather than Earth. >If the barycentre isn’t calculated accurately – a trickier thing than it sounds, since it’s the centre of mass of all the moving objects in the Solar System –  then you could get a false signal. Last year, the NANOGrav team announced that they’d calculated the Solar System barycentre to within 100 metres (328 feet). Can someone explain the importance of the barycenter here?