Girlfriend Unenrolled from Ivy League due to past due balance

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Something about this does not stack up. Ivies are almost free for anyone who makes under $100k, and they should be completely free if she and her family make ~$40k like you are representing. They are extremely accommodating to low-income families who have things go wrong along the way because their graduation rate is reported to US News. She should be able to walk right in to an administrator, explain the situation, and be on her way that day. And if that doesn’t work, there will be private lenders tripping over themselves to lend her that $7,500. Has she even tried that route? Surely she is resourceful if she is one of the smartest seniors at an Ivy. . . I think you either don’t have the full picture or are not giving us the whole picture.


This post shows a lot of ignorance about the financial aid system. Loans are generally not issued by the school, they are done by the Feds or private lenders. There is a loan “cap” for undergraduate Stafford loans, but there may be the option of parent PLUS loans (loans taken out by the parent on behalf of the child, requires decent credit). Financial situations change all the time, and this usually requires filing a restatement of the financial picture. Your girlfriend needs to speak to the financial aid office. They’re in the best position to determine what her options are in this situation and what documentation they require. It is less of making an “argument” to the financial aid office than being able to explain the situation and see what they can do. Financial situations change all of the time. Universities are bureaucracies. If you get the door slammed in your face somewhere there is always a way to have that decision appealed.


Definitely talk to financial aid and see what they can do. Can she not take our student loans? I’m not really thrilled about them but $7500 for someone almost done with an Ivy League degree sounds like a no brainer. Does she work? Does she have the ability to take out a personal loan? Even a secured loan using her car or something as collateral could work. Cause again – she’s so close.


How do you have a 4.1 GPA in college? I thought that over 4.0 was just for public school AP classes.


Ivy League tuition is free at every Ivy League schools if your family income is under $100-$150k. They will also cover room and board. You are missing some important details.