How China Won Trump’s Trade War and Got Americans to Foot the Bill

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They didn’t have to really do anything. U.S. placed tarrifs on China. Importers and shops passed the price increase on to the consumer or China just sold to other countries. China then bought their imports elsewhere (e.g. soybeans from Brazil) and the U.S. paid US farmers. Trump was acting like a “Karen” threatening to take their business elsewhere and not realizing there was a line of customers waiting behind him. China’s trade practices needs to change but it will take a joint effort by the world to get it to change.


Cannot speak for other businesses or other industries but the tariff impacts have cut both ways for mine. We’re paying increasingly high inbound costs for components and our direct sales to China have all shifted to being sourced through Europe. Now all that our leadership wants to do is beat up all of the sales and production staff here in the states and further our continued investments overseas. What a great time to be in American manufacturing /s.


Aka that’s how tariffs work: an additional tax on citizens of the initiating nation


I think it’s accurate to say that the US lost the trade war worse than China, but to say China won seems obtuse. They’re exports only just exceeded where they were like 5 years ago. The real winners are likely India/Vietnam/etc, as they were able to pick up trade from both China and the US in addition to building out their own industries opening up avenues into the rest of the world.


So the article makes a point about how Biden will shift away from tariffs towards tech restrictions, in an attempt to keep China from ascending up technologically. It notes that such restrictions would indeed have an impact on China’s plans for technological modernization. While I don’t disagree with this premise, it’s important to discuss to what degree of severity such technological restrictions would have. Have existing restrictions fully put an end to China’s technological progress, without even a fight? Or will existing restrictions even potentially further accelerate China’s technological rise? That of course depends on your view of whether or not America’s tech blockades are a dealbreaker for China’s ambitions; if you think they are, then you will probably think it’s already game over for China. If you think they aren’t, then no matter how much the Biden administration expands these tech restrictions, they’ll only have an effect of only slowing down, but not stopping, China’s inevitable technological ascendance.