How long would trends last in history?

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It depends on where and when. During the 19th century a high fashion trend in London or Paris could last a decade, or a single season. For me as an amateur most 1850s dresses look the same, but show me a 1890s high fashion dress and I can probably pick out exactly which year it would have been in season.


I have found that in the past couple of decades trends seem to stick around longer than the 90s, 80s 70s etc. Beards seem to be a trend that have lasted a couple of decades. After going out of favour in the eighties and nineties they started a come back in the 00s and have stuck around.


There are examples of short lived trends, but they generally trend towards being much longer in the past due to communication being less easy. This can be seen in the 1980s, in which companies were consistently able to appeal to popular trends, while modern businesses struggle to do so without eliciting groans from anybody who watches them.


I do know that the ancient Romans had punk kids who dressed up like Visigoths to be edgy.


this is a good question that idk the answer to so i will comment to bump this post