In 1993 16 year old me was kicked out by my religious Mother for been gay. I had to sell my body to survive and have HIV because of this now. Peak Christian love!

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Oh my, I feel so bad for you, Brother. I hope you are in a safer place now. What is worse is that they will blame you for the outcome. Christian love ends where disagreement with their values begins.


Isnt it illegal to kick your minor out


I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this, small-mindedness and some aspects of religion are painfully horrible without reason. We’re all just animals on a large rock in a huge universe and nothing that we can do within our biological boundaries is “unnatural” or “wrong,” and that includes gay sex; the issue surrounding it is entirely fabricated by humanity and is for no justified reason whatsoever. The truly sick people are those who hide behind their religious views to defend their homophobia or general ridiculousness, those are the bad people, never the consenting men or women who want to have sex together…


This is exactly why I hate religion. It’s a lie used to justify peoples’ hatred. You also mentioned that there was poverty and unrest after the USSR collapsed. Christians criticize the USSR for being authoritarian when they’re no different. The reason why is because it was an atheist country and their love ends when you disagree with them.


Hi Mikail, I just wanted to say hi and thank you for sharing your story. Hugs from Canada