Leading human rights group calls Israel an ‘apartheid’ state

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I don’t think it bothers them what you call them.


Western countries really need to stop acting like Israel can do nothing wrong. This country does not deserve our unyielding support.


Leading *Israeli* human rights group. edit to explain why this clarification is important: when you read “leading human rights group”, your first thought is almost certainly that it’s referring to a well-known **international** group, like Human Rights Watch – which is not the case here. If HRW were to decisively label Israel as an apartheid state it would be pretty big news; a local Israeli group doing this is important, but not nearly as much. This article’s title is thus deceitful via omission, and intentional or not, is extremely poor form for the AP.


As a Jewish person born and living in a western nation, I can’t emphasize this enough: THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE VATICAN OF THE JEWS The conflation between the actions of Natenyahu’s government and the concept of antisemitism has done more to harm the Jewish people throughout the world than just about anything else in recent memory. Oppressing the Palestinian people dishonors the historical oppression that we ourselves have undergone.


**Leading ISRAELI human rights group calls Israel an ‘apartheid’ state** * betzelem is not a world leading human rights group