LPT: If a loved one is hospitalized and you have limited time you can take off work, anticipate using more time off after they leave the hospital. That is often when they will need your support the most.

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THIS!!! In the hospital, there are people to help the patient. At home, they will need someone to help at least for a few days. Hospitals discharge patients pretty quickly these days. (Not a criticism, just a fact) Depending on why the patient was in the hospital, they might need help for quite some time. Things like grocery shopping, food prep and laundry will likely be difficult for a while


At my job we used to have a paid day off for ‘surgery in family’. To get it, it had to be a close family member, unconscious for the surgery, and the employee had to spend the entire time of the surgery and recovery room time at the hospital. No time off for afterwards unless you could arrange for FMLA time.


Last time I was in the hospital, I really didn’t want visitors. It’s so hard to sleep there with blood draws all night long, hearing the staff doing their jobs and other things that I could only grab sleep in little patches.


As a nurse, I can say this is excellent advice. Patients who need physical rehabilitation generally want to do it in their own home but sometimes a facility is their only option due to lack of family support.