LPT: If you ever want to start playing an instrument, and you are struggling to decide which one to pick, choose the piano.

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Movers were hauling down a piano from the upper floor when they got a bit stuck at the turn of the staircase. One hapless guy, cornered in a difficult position against the wall, cried out to the owner, “Couldn’t you have played a flute instead?”


I play several instruments, I’ve played in bands, and taught my kids. For the sake of your motivation I’d say start with a ukulele. It’s simple, easy to pick up, you will be able to play a song very quickly. Ukulele takes around 3-6 months to learn Piano is an amazing instrument, but it takes an age to learn, and forever to master. It takes 10-15yrs to learn.


As someone who took piano lessons for nine years and practiced weekly, don’t do it. I picked up guitar in a month. Nine years of piano and I still can’t play chopsticks.


Agreed. My main reason for telling people this (I play the piano, some guitar and have dabbled in a few other instruments) is that it’s really the only instrument that doesn’t cause a beginner some kind of discomfort to play. With guitar you have the wrist position and sore fingers, violin you get a sore neck to begin with, with wind instruments working on the breathing/blowing techniques is tiring etc. I found with piano I could just focus on playing it, as opposed to having some of my energy going into ignoring the discomfort.