LPT: When packing for a move, use your clothes to wrap the dishes. This will reduce both packing material and boxes used.

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Also… pack a bag like you are going on a trip for moving day.. that way when you get tired you still have everything you need to shower and go to bed. Also pack the sheets and pillows. ALWAYS set up your bed and breakfast stuff up first.


Clothes, blankets, towels, bedsheets, I use everything soft that I own as wrapping/padding when packing, also has the benefit of incentivizing you to unpack quicker. I was helping my SIL pack last year and it became clear how totally foreign this concept is to people, she was using roll after roll of bubble wrap yet filling garbage bags full of random clothes and sheets until we helped her realize that they were perfect extra packing material.


use your socks to guard cups, glasses, mugs, etc — just insert the glass into the sock and put em all in a small box


Remember to wash the dishes first.