Mitch McConnell turns on Trump and supports impeachment, report says

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I’ll believe it when I see it


hmmm wut? > The senate majority leader has told associates that he is happy Democrats have moved to impeach Mr Trump as it will make it easier to re-build the Republican party, according to the New York Times. Ah, there it is. He thinks it’s the best option for _him_.


Everyone should take these media reports (“Republican thinks about doing the right thing”) with a grain of salt: Last week the media had full hope in Pence, now it’s McConnell. During the impeachment it was Sen. Alexander, then Sen. Collins etc. These reports are useless unless you hear them say these things on national television. It’s like a fucking telenovela where everyone gets to be the villain and hero in round robin style.


He needs to for the future of his party. If not, they become the party of the confederate flag-waving capital attackers.


I’m not a fan of McConnell but he’s good at playing politics. I won’t believe this until he votes to impeach, but I bet he’s got something going behind the scenes. I wonder if Chao’s resignation plays into this at all.