National Guard deploying 10,000 troops to DC

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Hope it’s not like the clone wars


I happen to be one of them😬 Edit: Wow this kind of blew up, thank you all for all the comments, I don’t mind going being it’s just part of the job and hope I just feel it’s my duty. I realize I can’t say much more than I already have so will stop there, thanks again and hope everyone had an amazing 2021(praying it’s better than 2020).


As many times I got told to keep my hands out of my pockets during my 8 years in the Army, I am seeing a lot of hands in pockets in pictures. THE RULE DOESN’T MAKE SENSE BUT TAKE THEM HANDS OUT THEM POCKETS. /s


As someone who lives in DC. It’s so weird how this doesn’t make me feel any safer… Edit: Thank you all for hoping I stay safe during these fucking weird times. Not to fear, I am going to nope the fuck out of here and stay with some family in MD.


I hope they’re bringing as many bomb-sniffing dogs … that Christmas morning bombing in Nashville seems like a year ago but it wasn’t 😣