New Jersey Cop Killed Black Man With ‘His Hands Up’ And ‘Backing Away,’ Witnesses Say

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“It was the first time an officer with the Newark Police Department killed anyone since 2019” Newark is notoriously dangerous, that fact is surprising.


I just save myself the trouble and submissively urinate and roll over to expose my belly when I get my monthly pull-over. Every POC here has had some family member give them “the talk”. What to do when the police are confronting you. How to act to try and not scare them. How to hold your hands. When I moved to the frozen north I took a very similar class on how to deal with bears and moose (mooses, moosen?) while hiking. Think about that for a moment. We have to treat our police force as an unpredictable force of nature.


Best way to avoid getting shot is to storm the Capitol in a buffalo Horns and face paint, steal a lectern, hang from a balcony. Even get to take selfies with cops, and make it home with a “thx for coming, love Ya” msg from the president. My black ppl just living wrong


release the body cam footage.


Witnesses also said that Michael Brown was kneeling on the ground with his hands over his head when he was shot to death by police. Many still claim that to this day even though a DoJ investigation found it to be false. What I’m saying here is lets wait for the facts.