New solvent-based multi-layer plastic recycling process could cut down on millions of tons of plastic waste

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I can’t believe they have 40% of the product they create trashed because it’s a useless size/shape. That’s a mind boggling amount of loss.


‘new’ and ‘could’ should be banned from titles in this sub when used together.


“The team now hopes to use the recovered polymers to create new plastic materials, demonstrating that the process can help close the recycling loop. In particular, it could allow multilayer-plastic manufacturers to recover the 40 percent of plastic waste produced during the production and packaging processes.”


Great for items that these kinds of plastics remain essential for, but I’ll still be glad when everything possible is compostable at worst. Some people will never have access to take items for recycling no matter how efficient the process becomes. Nice to see methods for reduction, though.


Can it be made affordable? If not, it’ll go on the pile of “nobody uses it”. Unfortunate, but true.