Online misinformation that led to Capitol siege is ‘radicalization,’ say researchers

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Also a high proportion of fuckwits


Radicalization comes in phases, first is convincing someone that there’s an alternative version of the “truth” that they just don’t see. Once the alternative is accepted, the radicalization, is as good as won. From then on it’s just a matter of acting on a version of alternative.


No shit sherlocks. I have been warning people of this for 20years. when you de-educate and hyper polarize the population one of the side effects is Radicalization.


Wait, so the people who attacked congress because they thought international pedophiles and communists were stealing the election from Trump, you’re saying they were radicalized?


I feel like the “misinformation” is fueled by the inconsistencies, inequity, sometimes outright lies of main stream media.