Paris agrees to turn Champs-Élysées into ‘extraordinary garden’

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“The legendary avenue has lost its splendour during the last 30 years. It has been progressively abandoned by Parisians and has been hit by several successive crises: the gilets jaunes, strikes, health and economic,” the committee said in a statement welcoming Hidalgo’s announcement. “It’s often called the world’s most beautiful avenue, but those of us who work here every day are not at all sure about that,” Jean-Noël Reinhardt, the committee president said in 2019.


This is fantastic. Mayor Hidalgo has said she wants Paris to be a place “where you can let go of your child’s hand”. This, along with pedestrianising some central neighborhoods, will work towards that goal. We have diminished so many beautiful places by letting motorized traffic run riot. The tide seems to be turning in many cities.


The reason why french people don’t like Champs-Élysées is because it’s full of tourists, pickpockets and generic chain stores. It is of no interest to anyone local. “Vegetalizing” it won’t make it any more appealing if you don’t fix what’s actually wrong. So far all of the gardens they’ve added has only contributed to increase littering and help dealers find selling spots. It also happens to be a major traffic route leading to the city center, so dividing by half the space for cars will make it noisier and polluted. A great experience for everyone involved. Maybe they could use the money to make the city safe instead of thinking that green attracts tourists (who are also victims of crime). The other day I couldn’t even leave work for an hour because a bunch of kids were rioting with fireworks in the street. I was born here, now I can’t wait to leave and everyone I know feels the same.


can’t wait to see it


I guess every big cities will turn greener and greener, and honestly there is plenty of possibility. Everything change and if one of the main city in the world can set the change on its main street why not