Parler users unknowingly gave away their personal data in videos they uploaded illegally storming Capitol Hill

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OPSEC rule 1: don’t say anything. OPSEC rule 2: don’t show anything. OPSEC rule 3: don’t take your personal GPS enabled phone to the most sting-ray infested city in the world during an insurrection.


And people are scared to get a supposedly gps tracker from the vaccine… 🤦🏻‍♀️


Right… so they unknowingly uploaded the videos they took at the Capitol and the GPS data shows they were… at the Capitol? I don’t understand how this is useful or why the researchers claim this was done “unknowingly” when everyone knows (or should know!) that your phone geo-tags photos and videos unless you turn that off.


The Dunning-Kruger Army doesn’t know a lot of things. We shouldn’t make fun of them for being ignorant. We see a pathetic group of wet-brained losers, but they are trying their hardest to be the kind of enemy we deserve. They just need a little more time to learn things like reading and EXIF data and that you should leave your mom at home when you’re staging a coup.


How is uploading a copy of your photo ID, unknowingly? Years from now we will find out Paler was FBI run the whole time.