Prosecutors weigh ‘heavy hammer’ — felony murder — for rioters in Capitol officer’s death

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They pulled him into their crowd and beat him to death of course they should


Imagine the panic some of them must be feeling reading this. Probably thought the most they would be looking at would be trespassing but now they’re talking Felony Murder. Living in fear of the next knock on the door, futilely deleting your social media, shaving your goatee. Fuck em. I hope they have the nervous shits too


Why wouldn’t you use the ‘heavy hammer?’ They showed up with deadly weapons and intended to commit kidnapping. At the very least, all who participated should get the 10 years President Donnie Copkiller demanded for BLM protesters.


“Under the doctrine of felony murder, which applies in the District of Columbia, any murder that occurs during the commission of one of several underlying felonies is chargeable as felony murder. The classic example is if three guys go to rob a convenience store, and one guy is the getaway driver. If in the commission of the robbery, the clerk was shot and killed, all three of the participants in the robbery of the store are potentially guilty of felony murder,” said Heaphy.” ……….. “You could look at the storming of the doors of the Capitol by that riotous mob as burglary. If they went in with the intent to steal, disrupt proceedings, to commit other offenses, they committed burglary. And, therefore, a murder that occurred during the course of a burglary could be potentially charged as felony murder,” Heaphy said. The mere act of breaking into the Capitol doesn’t constitute burglary, Heaphy said. Prosecutors would need to prove that they intended to do something criminal, once they were inside.” Um…pipe bombs, guns, zip ties, fucking gallows. They should have that angle covered. Edit: beating cops while entering the Capitol, stealing laptops once inside, vandalism, one cop is dead, attempting to halt congressional action. Jesus fucking christ what more do they need. It’s as if Maga chuds can’t be held responsible unless they have a signed confession in their back pocket. As Biden said, nobody can tell me if BLM had done this, there wouldn’t have been a literal army of security and hundreds of arrests ON FUCKING SITE. they let these fuckers walk and now are playing catch the terrorist


Remember people they are still planning to continue the violence. it’s going to be a rough nine days