Q’s Going Nowhere – An introspection of the QAnon cult and its possible future (2020) [01:08:06]

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I’ll say this as a 25yr vet of the conspiracy community. Q is nothing but recycled Nazi Trash. Blood Libel wrapped in an American flag. Should have been laughed out of the community 4 years ago but here we are. A bunch of gullible marks latched onto this and will never let it go. It’s real fuckin sad.


I’m ashamed to say that before this documentary I was on the fence about Q because I have trusted family members who are complete followers. This was very well done and it captured me within the first 10 minutes because it mentioned how vulnerable we are as a society to believe things that are in our face on a daily basis. Thank you for this. I’m leaving media for at least a month to just live and think for myself (if thinking for myself is even a thing anymore!)


Q-anon is like any other mass conspiracy: it feeds the belief that everything can be fixed if we just expose this one thing. We can clear out the swamp if we can just expose that they’re all child sex predators (some probably are.) This is laziness. It’s the exact same mentality that spends more mental energy thinking about what you would do if you win the lottery than by working and saving. It’s the “easy button.” “We can get rid of Bush by showing 9/11 was an inside job.” “Obama’s gonna be removed because he was born in Kenya.” That shits all so much easier than rolling up your sleeves and getting involved in civic life. The odd thing about Q is that even though it’s a right wing phenomenon, it’s the Left that talks it to death.


This doc gave me a sliver a hope that I may actually be able to get my father back from beyond the q anon brink. I am immensley greatful for that. Very well done, thanks for posting.


Look at them idiots go