Savory pancakes

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Yes like Korean pancakes. You want to make them as big as you can flip and thin. Frying can vary, just get a crispy outside. I ate it with sour cream mixed with sesame oil, so good to me. I love savory pancakes because you can add so many things, kimchi, meat, any veggies you have that you like. I forgot to write that I added 1 tsp of oregano.


Literally have just finished eating Courgette Fritters as I read your post. Zucchini are called Courgettes where I’m from and in season so super cheap. Fritters are a great throw it all in healthy dinner. I added a small potato, spring onion, minced garlic, and had it with some home made Tomato Relish.


I love savory pancakes. They are perfect to finish up leftover veggies/cheese or even meat. And they consist of all ingredients I’d have laying around the house (eggs, flour). I usually tend to go easier on the flour and heavier on the eggs for cico reasons. But more flour does give you a crispier result. You can also flavour them with any seasoning you like, herbs, spices, oyster sauce, soy sauce, etc I just can’t enjoy scrambled egg/omelet without bread. So even though there is flour in these it usually comes out less calories then if I have scrambled egg and bread. It’s also easy to prepare for a single meal or for several days. (The eggmixture keeps in the fridge or they also reheat quite well) I’m a dirty heathen so usually I just have them with ketchup… However if you want to more asian style a mix of white vingegar and soy sauce is also really satisfying. In truth you could do any sauce you have around the house like sriracha, mayo, light dressing, sweet chili, etc… Fav veggies to add to these are definitely carrot and oyster mushrooms. Carrot gives a nice texture and oyster mushrooms tend to have tons of flavour. I also tend to sub out flour for cooked potato or cooked rice if I have leftovers of those.


Reminds me of latkes


Pro-tip. Try and get as much water out of the zucchini as possible. If you’re grating it, wring the grated zucchini out in some cheesecloth or a freshly cleaned kitchen towel. Excess water + hot oil = no bueno. Plus the result will be crispier! Source: I’m Jewish and I love my latkes, that’s what you do to the potatoes after you grate them.