Scientists Warn of an ‘Imminent’ Stratospheric Warming Event Around The North Pole

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We’re just shitting in an already overflowing toilet at this point.


Honestly, as someone who works in a STEM field, I wish climate scientists would hire a firm to deliver their findings and recommendations. They just don’t have the general communication skills or charisma to reach the average person.


World: I can’t be bothered to learn all that science mumbo jumbo! Scientist: We’re all going to die. World: That’s better! AHHH! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!


Didn’t one already happen in the past couple weeks? I read this whole long weather article explaining that the sudden warming was splitting the polar vortex in half causing colder weather in Europe & N America. It never really explained the cause of it though.


In other words, a super cold event is coming for the non arctic region?