Silver, way more than just a precious metal and an incredible investment opportunity

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Appreciate your investment proposals! Always good DD on things that I wouldn’t typically look at. Keep it up!!


New all time highs by mid 2021? So above 50 dollars? That is a bold call, but it looks compelling if we get more stimulus. Will read more soon, let’s see if you will be correct.


Good read. You haven’t lead me wrong on Uranium – it has been my best performer in recent months (UUUU and DNN) Just bought some calls on SLV !


I got burned in the 2011 silver bubble but back in at $17 last year. Fingers crossed


Isn’t the worlds largest purchaser of silver Kodak for the purposes of photography which has vastly decreased in usage compared to digital photography? What industrial uses do yoursee increasing in which sectors? Also I’m curious why you are bullish on uranium as I’ve watched cameco since I was a young boy and never seen it break into projected targets once over 20 years