Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley could be put on no-fly list, House homeland security chair says

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Disbarred, Expelled, and No Fly List. Can we get an addition from the DC Attorney General?


Wake me up when the headline reads, “Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley placed on no-fly list”


Lol I like how all of these headlines are always stating they “Could”.. yeah I’m sure any of the punishments they’re mentioning will happen. I have no faith in our justice system whatsoever. Fucking place is a joke.


Please do it while he’s in Texas. Make him take a grehound to DC with the “poors”. Show these fools Americans are done with the lie.


I actually disagree with this suggestion. To be clear, I agree that they’re partly to blame for the coup attempt and need to see consequences, but I have a hard time believing that they’d actually be a danger to other air travelers, and I find it problematic when the no-fly list gets used as this sort of extrajudicial punishment. It makes sense to put the actual rioters on the list because who knows what those crazy idiots might do, but Ted Cruz is probably not going to do worse than bother passengers by being himself, and he’d do that just as much to people on the ground.