Telling someone you love them to the moon and back is really not saying much considering the expansiveness of the universe. So if you’re going to be using celestial objects as a love metric, using the moon is literally the bare minimum.

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I’ve always understood this euphemism in it’s literal sense. To the moon and back in regards to how much it cost nasa to travel to the moon and return, although you really shouldn’t put a price on love… Unless you’re the loch ness monster, in which case love costs “about tree-fitty”


So many sweet moments, ruined


The plaque I got my wife that’s hung in our room says “I love you to the death star and back” and that’s no moon


Omg this is literally my love and my joke. She told me she loved me to the moon and back and I was like “that’s not far at all” and she was like “ok, times infinity” so now we always say I love you to the moon and back times infinity


Considering If the Universe is Infinite, any number you give out isn’t enough