The children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” is really about the gateways of addiction

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More about the idea of enabling I think, less addiction. Addiction still works as a secondary analogy


Honestly I think a lot of people haven’t read it in a while and don’t remember it well. It’s not about enabling addiction or welfare queens or whatever it is people who only remember the title like to say it’s about. The mouse doesn’t do anything terrible or ask for anything unreasonable and the only ‘bad’ outcome is a mess at the end. It’s pretty clearly just about having a kid – with the attendant requests for food/etc, short attention span, energy peak/crash, and inevitable mess – utilizing a fairly common tactic in children’s books in which the kid is put into the shoes of the parent/responsible one.


I thought it was an attempt to explain the way anxiety works its magic. If you do this one thing it will cause a reaction cascade of increasingly improbable scenarios that ultimately end up with the earth being wiped from the universe or some similar disastrous effect. Except it’s for kids, so it’s a bit gentler. *The Overthinking Child’s Guide to Unreal Consequences* if you will.


No it’s a warning about future girlfriends who ask to have a blanket on your couch then a year later you live with her and another year your marring her. True life story


Or behavioral conditioning