TIL a dragonfly can live for 5 years but only develops wings in its last 2-4 months of life. During its second stage of life, the nymph lives a water-bound existence where it molts (sheds skin) up to 12 times before developing wings.

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Dragonfly: “Woooooo! This is the last time I’m gonna molt!” Narrator: “It wasn’t”


Imagine being stuck in water for years. Then growing wings. Thinking you’re free. Then just fuckin dying.


Doesn’t stop them from being the most successful predator in the world. Imagine spending years mastering your hunting technique, becoming the terror of the skies, then some fuck crawls out of water and does it better than you could ever hope to.


They’re also some of the most voracious hunters, making dragonfly ponds one of the best natural mosquito control methods to use in areas dragonflies are native.


Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about being so lazy. I’m just a dragonfly that’s all