TIL in 2016, the Swedish Tourism Council created a single phone number that connected the caller to a random Swede for you to have a conversation with. In the 79 days it was open, almost 200,000 calls were made with a combined 367 days worth of conversations.

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Swede here. I actually had the app and got several calls during the two weeks I was active. I talked to a US school class, a businessman stuck in traffic in Singapore, an exchange student in Zanzibar, BBC Mundo, a few other papers and a bunch more people. Very nice experience, would gladly do it again.


Wakie is an app that accomplishes the same thing. You set an alarm, some rando from all over the world calls you to wake you up. You can also be the waker, which is a lot of fun, especially when you’re drunk.


I remember i made three calls on this number. First call I was connected to a musicician who had isolated himself in a cabin to make music, he made me hear some of it too. Second person was a 77 year old man on his way to buy a gift for his granddaughter. The third one was a nurse who was on her way to a children’s hospital and I remember she was really excited as one of her patients was finally being discharged after a prolonged illness. Overall it was a great experience!


American here, two years ago I planned an overnight train trip from Stockholm to Malmö, but couldn’t confirm the online reservation. I had to call customer service, and wound up having a long and fascinating conversation with someone at SJ who spoke perfect and barely accented English and who had taken many personal trips across the US. 10/10 would travel in Sweden again.


I called this number once I spoke with the most fascinating man. It cost me $90. My wife was not pleased. 10/10 would recommend.