TIL iTunes helped save “The Office” when it reached four of the top five slots for downloaded TV shows in the platform. That’s when the people behind the show learned that their audience skewed young, rather than the white-collar workers they thought would be watching

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It never occurred to me that the actual viewing audience was probably completely different from what it was planned to be. Also explains why Parks and Rec isn’t directed at government employees


No one really thought a bunch of white collar workers would actually like a show that depicts an incompetent office manager/boss act like an idiot and still get the W did they?


It’s the same way Office Space is funny when you’re young, but it cuts deep in adulthood.


When the Office premiered, it followed “Scrubs.” And then it followed “My name is Earl.” Those seem like they are shows the would have skewed young. And not white collar office workers. Especially after 40 Year Old Virgin was a big hit.


Everyone likes the funhouse mirror until it starts looking too much like the real thing.