TIL that although they failed to find missing pilot Steve Fossett for years, in the days following his disappearance, they DID find EIGHT other previously unidentified crash sites.

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I remember that! He and Richard Branson had just circumnavigated the globe at some insane altitude and lived to tell about it. His name was well-known and then pooof.


America is fuckin’ huge.


What’s wild to me is that the state was considering billing his widow for the search. In the end they decided to ask politely for 487 000 usd, which she declined after she already spend 1 million searching for him through private means.


So… if your friend goes missing in a small plane and they won’t search for him, convince an eccentric billionaire to disappear in his plane for a couple days in the same area?


I flew over the proximity of his crash site same day he disappeared coming back from Colorado to California in a Kingair 200. I always monitor 121.5 at altitude but I had hoped to get that ATIS at Modesto as I passed the Mono Lake area before I started descending and had switched my number 2 comm at some point before that. I will forever wonder if I had waited a bit longer I might have picked up the ELT and reported it. The story could have been so different.