TIL That breast implants have a serial number so that they can be tracked to monitor a patient’s long-term safety.

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All implants and joint replacements have serial numbers.


“Yo mama so old her titty serial number is six”


I bought some implants for my ex-wife when we were still together. She was never the type to keep track of things. When we split and she got the house, I got the filing cabinet. I said “here you should have this” handing her the folder with her implant serials. “Don’t want them”. Every few years I remind her “You got your implants checked recently?” (which amuses my current GF to no end) and she laughs and says no. The doctor who put them in was very clear that you gotta get them examined every few years. “These are good quality, probably no problem ever, but always good to get checked out time to time. If go bad, go bad very badly, very quick.” (English was not his first language). Periodically when Im pruning the filing cabinet I pull out my ex-wife’s implant serials and look them up for recalls etc.


Another disgusting tactic used by ‘Big Boob’


Or identify your corpse. Thanks, Law & Order.