TIL that Russian President Boris Yeltsin once got so drunk at a state dinner that he drummed on Kyrgyzstan President Askar Akayev’s bald head, using dinner spoons.

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Yeltsin was an absolute baller. That man was the clown of diplomacy. Edit: Yeltsin was a fuckhead. He was a massive fuck-up to russia, i’m just saying that as a president he balled out and didn’t give a fuck. Amusement followed him as if he was a clown.


I want to be this drunk and secure in life that I can do this kind of thing. Currently I’m just drunk and working my last week of work before I get “let go.” Anxiety is a bitch.


He also allowed the mob to claim most of post-soviet Russia’s enterprise vouchers in the wake of Communism’s fall, giving rise to the kakistocracy it is today.


This doesn’t even surprise me. What I want to know is the song? Was it “In the air tonight”


oh I remember that…lol…so funny…like when George Bush snr threw up in the Japanese prime ministers lap….