TIL USA only country in the world that where Olympic athletes are not government funded or sponsored

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This is why the 1980 hockey gold metal was the greatest sports moment in history. A bunch of college kids beat the world’s best hockey team. The Soviets claimed all their Olympic athletes were members of the armed forces. They’re only duty was to practice and train. I so wish that 10% of that feeling would be felt by people today.


Well, the whole idea behind the Olympics is (or was) that the competitors are supposedly non-professional athletes. If a government with a multi-billion or trillion dollar budget is funding an athlete, what’s the difference between that and a professional, as far as availability of training expertise, facilities, and other resources?


They don’t need our government, they got Nike, UA, Gatorade, etc.


The USA dominates the Olympics. Why fix it if it’s not broken?


Technically the USOC does get government funding. Its funding from the Department of Defense and goes entirely to fund the Warrior Games, an Olympic type event for Vets.