TIL when you see CNN playing in airport terminals you’re actually watching a special version of the channel CNN produces just for airports

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Is it just regular CNN with no mention at all of missing flights and aviation disasters when they occur?


When you visit a public restroom in an airport terminal you’re actually visiting a special version of a public restroom that exists only in airports.


Yep, and if you sit there long enough it loops.


I flew the day Malaysian Airlines 370 went missing. Couldn’t say anything about the airport, but it was definitely plastered on the back of every seat of the United plane during the boarding process. Their DirecTV screens default back to the news when they start a new flight. Personally I wasn’t nervous. I told my family, “No way there’s two commercial plane accidents in one day!”


Now I want to know if this existed on 9/11. That would be *fucked* sitting in an airport watching a plane crash.