Two ex-Sequoia VCs: the most ‘compelling emerging market’ may be America, outside of Silicon Valley

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2000 called, it wants its bubble back.


We want to ruin other companies through predatory private equity.


Venture capital is a form of private equity. Not saying PE is inherently bad, as other commentators are


Completely underwhelmed by this article. It’s slightly condescending, as though the Midwest were a third world country. The pitch that “within a one day drive you have 50% of the population”etc…dude. Los Angeles alone has 10%; who wants to drive all day to hit some podunk towns? It’s a short flight to Chicago? Why not just be based in Chicago? Much of the article is pointing out that there’s no infrastructure, as though that’s a plus. I guess if you want to spend time building infrastructure it is, rather than charging forward on your idea. If there was a solid draw for Columbus, it was poorly presented.


It’s in Austin