Waiting for short term disability, have cancer, broke

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Your cancer treatment center should have resources to help you. We fundraise at our hospital for things like gas gift cards, food vouchers and things like this. Also, reach out to your insurer to see if there is an issue unless you are still in your lock out period. Sometimes the wording in their requests can be confusing. I delayed my own disability payments by not providing what they asked for. Once it was fixed they paid within 24 hours. Good luck and remember you have millions of breast cancer survivors supporting and rooting for you.


Call your oncology department, or primary care physician ASAP and ask them if they can recommend a social worker or patient advocate to help you navigate your state’s assistance programs. It varies from state to state and changes often. Most likely you’ll get food stamps or access to a food pantry but this greatly depends on state and even by city. I’d also immediately go online and file for unemployment, and food stamps…the worse happens they say no. Good luck. Be proactive in getting your ducks lined up. Cancer sucks so much not just the disease but trying to navigate treatment and healing can be completely overwhelming. Please start keeping a log book of who what where on assistance requested and a todo list agenda. That way at a glance you can know where you are in the process. I am sorry you are going through this. Take a deep breath, you can do this, you also don’t have to do it all alone. Consider getting enclosed with a local support group. I volunteered in Oncology at UMC in New Orleans LA. They had established networks of support.


Why is there a delay with your STD? Can you reach out to your HR department and let them know of the delay? I’ve only used STD for maternity leave, but it was approved and began paying immediately.


First thing I would do is talk to everyone I owe to see if they are willing to work with you on your bills. I would also talk to family and friends to see if they can help at all. I would also stay on top of your work with the short term disability because it shouldn’t take this long to get that approved.


Who is the disability carrier? I work in short term disability. Go to your oncologist and request a copy of your medical record going back a few months. Submit that to your disability carrier and call, If you get the run around you can ask for a manager. They should, barring any situation where you’re not eligible, approve the claim fairly quickly.