Washington Monument temporarily shutting down due to ‘credible threat’ following Capitol mayhem

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It’s so big, and straight, and rigid, so hard! it makes insurrectionists feel uncomfortable and inadequate.


Wow now Y’All Quaeda is even target symbolic sites. Talk about a group hell bent on crippling democracy and installing whatever shitty theocracy they want.


Okay how are these MAGA people not listed as a terrorist group if events like these are transpiring?


Believe me somethings going to go down around the 20th. Somethings going to happen. We all knew people were going to die. They’re dying for Trump. Trump of all people.


My parents just ran upstairs to show me a new video trump”just posted on YouTube” and my God does it sound like white nationalist propaganda VERY similar to Hitlers’ speeches. They are also entertaining the idea of going to the capitol. I dont have the heart to argue with them on why thats a bad idea. They are white evangelicals who adamantly support Trump. I’m worried they are going to lose everything, including their family owned business due to their own extremism…