What is the biggest cheapskate move you’ve ever witnessed anybody do?

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When I worked on computers in town, I went to numerous calls of people complaining about their internet not working. The internet stopped working because their neighbor finally decided to secure their own WiFi.


My sister would only buy one lightbulb and unscrew it and take it around to whatever room she was using.


**Posted this once a few years ago, but I’ll give it a copy paste:** I meet with three buddies at a very nice bar/restaurant: let’s call them Bob, John, and Travis. John has been going to this place for years, and the owner is an extremely close friend of his. Because of this, we get comped drinks all night (not just beers, but Scotch, Vodka, etc etc etc). Maybe a hundred dollars worth of free booze between us. Great times, right? No. Why? Because Bob is a cheap, bloody, smelly little cunt. As we’re drinking our asses off free of charge, we’re also ordering food to make up for it. Pasta. Chicken. Fish. The works. But Bob? Bob isn’t happy, because Bob doesn’t want to pay for anything. So what does Bob do? He asks for the “special appetizer” for ten dollars … But asks the owner to make it “dinner sized.” The owner responds, “do you mean that you want the DINNER instead of the appetizer?” “Duh.” All right. So we pig the fuck out. We drink our asses off (Bob’s wasted). We wait, and wait, and waiiiiiiit for Bob to eat a table-sized platter all by himself (FUCK YOU, BOB) … Then we get the bill. As I’ve noted above, it’s about a hundred dollars less than it should have been, and were all thrilled. Well, all of us except for Bob. Because Bob’s meal is nineteen dollars instead of ten. As John reminds him that he drank his weight in free liquor and begs him not to make a scene, Bob proceeds to go up to the owner BEHIND THE BAR and throw a fucking SHIT FIT about the nine dollars he should have saved on his “special dinner-sized appetizer.” The owner is stunned. John is furious. Travis hates confrontation, so Travis slinks out the door. I’m just a wallflower. Bob slams his fist on the counter. Bob points at the chalkboard. Bob whines, and whines, and WHHHIIINNNESSSS that he doesn’t have the money to pay for the extra nine dollars (though he works a really fucking cushy job and eats out three times a day). He calls the owner names. He cries. He actually CRIES. Then he sits his bloated ass down, pitches in ten bucks, and refuses to tip. And he smiles. THE CUNT IS FUCKING SMILING. And that sets John off. John flips his fucking shit, calls Bob every name in the book, and makes a go at ME for trying to cover Bob just to get us the hell out of this place. He gets up on his chair. He throws handfuls of money in Bob’s face like the guy’s some fat, hairy Russian stripper. Women are stunned. The owner is laughing. Travis is looking in the window … And I’m stuck, with Bob, as John finally pays the bill, tips his friend a hundred bucks, and stomps outside (sending Travis flailing down the street). Bob looks at me. I look back at him. His only reaction? “What a Jew, am I right?” I leave Bob at the table, alone. We don’t eat with Bob anymore.


Brought Tupperware to a buffet, filled it up when no one was looking and also put the napkin dispenser and silverware into his backpack


When I was a kid, I was eating at a restaurant with my parents. The table next to us, an old couple were just finishing. The husband left a few dollar bills, as a tip I guess. As they were leaving, the wife picked up the dollars when the husband wasn’t looking, and they walked out.