Yelp lets you tattle on places that don’t enforce masks and social distancing

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It’s also pretty mafia about allowing you the courtesy of paying to remove bad reviews, so I guess it evens out, huh?


The app has been asking me for months (maybe since March/April time frame) if there are masks being worn and if social distancing is being enforced. Seems like they’ve now made this data easier for the user to see. Yelp is not new to asking for user input on how these businesses comply with various issues/causes. A few years ago every place I stopped Yelp would ask me if the business has gender neutral bathrooms. Yet when I posted a review about how a restaurant had recently been featured in local media for failing a health inspection (and provided sources) that was removed.


Good. Let’s let consumers dictate their risk tolerances.


Where I live the idiotic Trump supporters that refuse to where a mask are just not allowed to enter. Which I support. The mask is a lot about protecting others as much as protecting oneself. It shows compassion to wear one.


Thank you for posting this, I now have an outlet to complain about the irresponsible forced “inspections” my apartments are doing maskless home to home today.