A ‘ghastly future’ unless extraordinary action is taken soon on sustainability

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>Among them: completely and rapidly ending the use of fossil fuels, strictly regulating markets and property acquisition, reigning in corporate lobbying and empowering women. People have already bought trillions of dollars of fossil fuels and infrastructure to use and distribute them for a decade, maybe more by now. The amount of jobs and people tied to these things are staggering. You’re basically held captive because of this for any progress to happen. At best you can hope for revolutionary technology that makes them redundant


And a ghastly future too if we keep up with the shoddy economic system known as capitalism. An economic and environmental double-whammy disaster.


Human actions are small potatoes compared to asteroid hits or massive volcanic eruptions. We get practice for the real thing fighting results of our own actions.


Why do you think this virus was done in the first place what better way to kill off the worlds weak and elderly.


Throughout human history, each generation gets there own end of the world warning.