All survey results are only based on answers from the kind of people who are willing to take surveys.

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Non-response is a big deal in surveys. However, there are a lot of ways to to get decent response rates. For example, including a small (I’m talking a few dollars in cash) gift with a survey dramatically boosts response rates. People basically feel like they owe your organization a response. There are plenty of good surveys with high response rates.


OP has a dank brain. Let’s throw on one deeper. The people writing the surveys are also writing the questions. “Framing” is only one tool they use.


This is the current problem with political polls too. They only represent the position of those people who are 1) willing to answer a phone call 2) answer from a phone number they don’t know, and 3) actually take the time to answer a bunch of questions. Until recently (last couple of cycles) they only used to call land lines too.


Uh, yup, it’s an almost entirely unreliable and inaccurate means of gathering data.


“In a survey of 100 men, we asked: ‘What do you look for in a romantic partner?’” Go!!