As a disgruntled ex-servant/slave of the Malfoys Dobby probably knew lots of info about their Death Eater contacts and plots. Even if he didn’t understand it all. It’s a pity most wizards are casually dismissive of House Elves and so none of the adults bothered to ask him what he knew.

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They actually do get some helpful information out of Kreacher


I bet Dumbledore did. He brought dobby to hogwarts.


Dobby had to punish himself every time he blabbed. Dobby definitely was an outlier, probably due to his mistreatment at the malfoys. The other house elves seem pretty content and loyal for the most part.


Yeah, because Rowling could have written it so he knew a lot. But since it didn’t come up, he must not know anything, huh.


Like he himself mentions only when there is a need, they help.