Average new car price crosses $40,000 in 2020 and that’s nuts

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“What monthly payment are you looking for?” – every car dealer


Oh boy… the 20% down payment on my first *house* was less than today’s average cost of a new *car*. It finally happened. I am officially old.


They’re financing the cars on average for 70 months (just under six years) at $581 per month. I’m just wondering when the negative equity starts to kick in.


The number of million dollar plus cars available continues to grow, so that’s unsurprising. Get a new well equipped Civic for $25k and be happy for a quarter million miles.


Must be all the Teslas and Ford F150s Me, i just bought a used car with all the fixings 2016 had to offer for 15k. Idk what goes through people’s heads when they commit to buying a car for 40k+. Is the brand name really worth such a premium?