Biomarkers in fathers’ sperm linked to offspring autism – These biomarkers are epigenetic, and can be passed down to future generations. In a set of blind tests, researchers were able to use these to determine whether other men had fathered autistic children with 90% accuracy.

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So, do epigenitc affects suggest that these traits are somehow acquired due to some kind of environmental exposure?


I saw a study that autism is highly correlated with an older male parent. Not correlated with the age of the mother. So maybe the father being older gave the environment more time to damage the fathers DNA. There is probably a cultural shift in fathers waiting much longer to have kids because Americans feel they can’t afford it at a younger age. Too much college debt, 2 income trap, more highly educated jobs get paid more than manufacturing jobs so require longer education, etc.


Epigenetic changes feels like it’s the next big thing. The next 200 years will probably be spent trying to find stuff that lead to epigenetic changes that influence disease and aging.


>In blind tests of **18 men**, they correctly identified all the fathers, except for two false negatives, an accuracy rate of about 90%. Alright, come back after you do this study with a real sample size.


Just a reminder that Autistic people have one of the highest suicide rates of any minority group. We also have extreme issues with communication, which makes finding employment and community very difficult. Since people don’t understand us, there are very few government programs to help us. Many of us are just treading water, waiting to die. The average age of autistic people is only 36. Many of us, including myself, are currently homeless or have been homeless. Please be nice to us. Please do not use ‘autistic’ as a derogatory term. We’re just trying to live our lives in a society that doesn’t seem to like or care for us very much. Sorry my post is so depressing, but this stuff needs to be said. We need help.