Capitol riot: Justice Department expects sedition charges, 20-year sentences

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Well, at least they won’t have to worry about Biden being their President when they get out. Edit: Thanks for the awards!


They should quickly legalize weed, expunge those frivolous drug charges, to make room for real criminals like these terrorists.


Imagine throwing 20 years of your life away for Trump. Lmfao.


It was cathartic seeing these two guys at the press conference. It was finally some clear evidence that the federal government is taking this seriously. I know they’ve been working behind the scenes and all, but the lack of any presser was giving off vibes that it was being swept away. I applaud these guys. But still a little strange that we’re not seeing higher ranking feds giving these.


I *almost* feel bad for them. I don’t think many of them would have done it if *the leader of the fucking free world* had not told them he had their backs. It’s really kind of sad. These are parents and grandparents and children who have spend the last 20 year being brainwashed by the likes of Foxnews and the GOP, and then Trump and Qanon trolls swoop in and finish the job. These people do deserve the 20 year sentences. And they should serve alongside trump, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, Billy ORilly, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Charles Kirk, and everyone else who has dedicated their lives to keeping an entire segment if the American population scared and ignorant. They are to blame for what happened that day as much as any of the rioters. They created conditions that caused this, they sold out their country and their whole fucking species, to get a little more money and power.