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Plenty of lenders out there. I’m surprised that you put up with it for this long. You might want to shop it now because rates have fallen since August by almost .25%


Years ago I used Costco as the intermediary to find a floor replacement company for our kitchen floor. The rep for the flooring folks told us to please call him if we had any issues and that they would do everything possible to keep us happy, because Costco is super strict about these third party deals. Costco uses these deals as a carrot to keep people as members, so they want you to walk away 100% happy-anything less than satisfied is a fail for Costco.


I used Costco’s mortgage program and reached out to three of their lenders (including Mutual of Omaha). Two of the lenders didn’t get back to me. One eventually mailed me a loan estimate, but It’s been over a month and I’ve heard nothing more from #2. The third (Mutual of Omaha) gave me an amazing offer, which I promptly used to get another lender (NFCU) to match and slightly beat. But the loan officer was extroadinarily pushy (sent me multiple emails within 30 minutes demanding he know why I’m delaying signing the disclosures). All in all, I’m glad that Costco’s program connected me with a lender that provided me a great offer, but I’m not sure I would’ve wanted to close with any of the three (if that was even an option).


I love Costco. Their willingness to help their members is always top notch!


Everyone is very behind in processing refinances. Mine had been in process since September. You can call and ask for a reprice to get the lower rate. At this point you are almost to the finish line. It might be may if you start again with anyone else.