DC protester arrested with 11 Molotov cocktails, several guns had list of ‘good guys,’ ‘bad guys’: DOJ

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Watching this live on twitch it was very apparent that some were 100% out to execute people.


Holy fuck these people are terrorists. They’re literally plotting to kill our leaders.


If he came armed with a shit list then he isn’t a “protester”. that makes him a Domestic Terrorist. Got to call DTs what they really are.


So like normally when people think of Molotov cocktails they think of a bottle of flammable liquid with a fuse that gets lit and thrown. Bottle breaks liquid burns up pretty quickly. This dude made a concoction that burned like napalm. It would stick to things and burn. Think of the difference of spilling hot coffee on your hands versus syrup at the same temperature. Sick bastard.


So I know a guy that went to this insurrection. He posted a picture of himself there. I do not know how involved he was. I do know he is a gun crazed right wing racist nut-bag. Is there a place for his photo to be sent so it can be cross referenced with other photos from the incident?