Earth losing roughly 1% to 2% of its insects annually, new studies suggest

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This is way, way, way scarier than cute endangered animals going extinct. Insects are the backbone of our ecosystems.


Oh good, if it’s only 1% to 2% per year, they’ll never all disappear!


And none of them are mosquitos.


One thing many ignore is the impact of meat farming. Beef farming particularly (and even sheep) uses so much land, and much of the expansion now is happening in Brazil. Until we reduce meat consumption, this will get worse and worse. Electric Vehicles and solar panels won’t solve the issue of us deforesting and pillaging more of the earth than ever for meat farming. I’m not saying go vegan, but go for meat which takes less area, produces less waste, and has a high feed to mass ratio. Think farmed salmon, prawns, chicken and pork. Cut the beef and lamb.


I can live without mosquitoes but I guess it’ll be 6 months before the end of it all when they are gone.