FBI arrests Jenny Cudd for rioting at Capitol

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‘ “Do I think that it was wrong for us to go to the Capitol? Absolutely not. Do I think that it was wrong for me to go through an open door and get inside of the Capitol? No I don’t. I didn’t break any laws, I didn’t do anything unlawful, and I think that’s probably why the FBI and the law enforcement have not contacted me,” said Cudd in an interview with CBS7. ‘ Does a judge think it was wrong is more the issue.


Review on Jenny Cudd’s flower shop **a month ago**: “I have always used this florist for mums and high school formals. Recently, the owner has become very vocal online with scary misinformation about COVID, and at the business, she encourages not masking. If you think COVID isn’t real and are willing to risk your health and the health of your family, this is the place for you! I will never again give my money to a business that cares so little for its staff, customers, and the health of the community.” Edit: Have a great day everyone <3


That should give her something to chew on.


Do it, Jenny! Tell that judge you’d do it again given half a chance. Stand *tall* though the sentencing, Jenny. Don’t buckle, Jenny. No 5th Amendment plea, no plea deals *period*. Show’em what a true Patriot looks like, Jenny. Take all those months of imprisonment without flinching, Jenny…you winner.


It’s alarming some people are both A) So deep in B) So dumb