I Don’t Know Anyone Who Isn’t Poor. How Can I Not Be Poor?

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One thing I didn’t see mentioned, call the hospital that did your surgery and ask them about any financial help with the medical bills that you can apply for! Most hospitals have programs for people that can’t pay and will forgive part or sometimes even all of your unpaid balance.


>I was able to get hold of 50 bucks and attempted to gamble it into something more in hopes of it turning into something “Life Changing”. You’ve probably already gotten an idea of how realistic that is, but if you ever get any temptations like that again, do not for the life of you give in. >I need money now. Unfortunately, you probably can’t have it now. Take advantage of every form of government assistance you can and don’t do anything desperate. Your situation doesn’t seem great right now, but it’s not that dire. You will survive. You’re not homeless which is a huge plus. You’re in debt, but, being absolutely broke and all, no one is going to be forcing you to pay that any time soon and medical debt doesn’t accrue interest. There’s no shortcut, no magic action that’s going to multiply your money overnight. You’re young. Save your money, spend responsibly, pick a career, and work on actively advancing it. In the long term you will be sitting pretty. That’s all that will fix your situation.


Do you budget? If no one has ever taught you how to manage money, it will never matter how much you make. You can make six figures and still be broke if you can’t manage it! All the suggestions of ways to make more money are great, but what you really need is to teach yourself some serious budgeting skills! You can change your family tree. Look into getting set up on the budgeting program YNAB ( r/ynab ) and make the decision to get really serious about managing what money you do have. As in tracking every penny you spend. The YNAB app makes it really easy! They even offer a free year to students, so you have nothing to lose by trying it. Google it and see what you think. Good luck!


My suggestion would be to seek out a trade school. Even with a biology degree, what are your career intentions? It seems that an undergraduate degree in bio would require a graduate degree. If you are STEM minded, I would look at something like an electrician trade.