In Search Of A Flat Earth (2020) – This documentary discussing the mentality of conspiracy theorists such as Flat Earthers and QAnon believers, is incredibly relevant given current events – [1:16:16]

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Folding Ideas is a great channel


Interesting to say the least. With conspiracy theorists, they’re just mostly projecting their own insecurities and shortcommings. Cherry picking evidence to fit their cherry picked worldview Source: 8 years ago I was all in that kind of stuff. Watched a 4 hour David Icke presentation and Alex Jones documentaries, thought I was “awake” and hold the knowledge of the universe while everyone else is “asleep” lmfao Edit: Didnt expect to get as many responses. Where to start.. About 5 years ago I realized that I’m not really a happy person and it actually took some self reflection to realize that and be honest about it.You and everybody else(unless you’ve done some serious work on yourself) distract yourself all the time without realizing it. Huge seperate topic. Long story short, I realized that whatever the life situation I was in – it’s MY FAULT. Period. Stop blaming others for whatever. It’s not the president or communist party. Humans are emotional beings, and most of the time react completely unaware based on their emotions. It’s just how we function biologically, emotions are primary. We react based on our emotions. See where I’m going? You can see examples that just about anywhere, in ANY situation, and especially in a organization. Have you been a member of any organization yourself? It can be a sports club, political party or church lol. People will fight and discredit others from inside the organization, if they don’t agree with their opinion or various other reasons. Backstabbing, pretending, you name it… Can some people gather secretly and make a plot, decieving masses for their own gain? Of course! There are many examples. But I’m talking about something else here, there are people that believe few “elites” gather around and push buttons, controlling exactly what happens. That’s not how it works, the social system is so complex it’s literally impossible. – Which country do you live in, and who controls it? Are they all people who have done years of self development, controling their emotions and realizing how they behave? How many people are responsible for making decisions in the government? And then the local government? Take Putin for example. Do you really believe that he would let ANYONE dictate how he should act or what he should do?? And who does he hand down his orders to? And on top of that, there are more people like Putin who hold power on this planet. And after all, what really matters is what YOU are doing RIGHT NOW. Seriously discussing and contemplating conspiracy theories is a complete waste of time and does not acomplish ANYTHING. I think it’s obvious but then again, to some people it’s not Also, most people aren’t aware of the human development models. – If you really care, google about Spiral Dynamics and Stages of ego development. Cheers


What I’ll never understand about flat earthers is there’s no logical explanation to the purpose of this conspiracy. To propagate the lie these people allege is being done, literally millions of people around the world, from different cultures with different, often adversarial motivations, would have to alter iron-clad evidence that the world is round. Russia and the US were in a space race, while in a de-facto war with each other. But they could agree that they would cooperate to change all evidence that they were on flat a earth to perpetuate a lie that the world was round. Why the fuck would they work together to deny reality? They would have to silence everyone in their space programs for decades, spend Billions of dollars just to change the evidence, and yet they agree that everyone would keep up this fallacy in perpetuity. To what end? There’s absolutely no reason to lie about this! Hundreds of millions of people’s lives were dedicated to finding out more about the nature of the world they live in, and some all-powerful group managed to keep them all silent for centuries?


It’s a great video, especially identifying that we are dealing with something akin to a religious movement, specifically a syncretic religious movement. What this means I believe is that this comes with a whole world view, it’s not just a guy who is “asking questions”. The reason why somebody can chose to adhere to this is that we built a society where succeeding is so damn hard, and once you fail there’s no way back. Unless you built a career in a good field and you made money you are not worthy. If you are a cashier and don’t have that much money but still manage to have a family and somehow make ends meet that is still a failure. Becoming “awake” is success to them, they celebrate each other finally having made it, and they find what our current values deny them. That I believe is the real power behind this, finally making people feel like they achieved something worthy.


It is excellent. More people need to see it.