Is this salary? It sounds to me like a pay cap.

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That’s not legal. Either he gets paid regardless of hours worked (as long as he shows up to work, i.e. salaried-overtime-exempt) or he’s paid for all hours worked. If the employer wants to cap the hours, they can threaten to fire him if he works beyond the allotted time, but they are not allowed to just not pay him.


Yeah that sounds like a pay cap and I don’t think they can do that. They either have to pay him hourly or pay him a salary regardless of hours worked. I don’t really see how they can even sell that as a “perk”. Are you sure it’s not like a bonus or overtime or something on top of his hourly pay?


Your brother is the cheap bologna in a bullshit sandwich. He’s getting screwed out of OT without the benefit of actually being on a salary.


That isn’t salary. Like you said, that’s just a pay cap.


That’s not salary. Looks like those bastards are pretending that he is salary to avoid paying him 10 hours of overtime. Since he is a manager he is salary exempt but since they dock his for working less than 50 hours I think he no longer qualifies as being exempt. They must pay him overtime. I would contact you states Department of Labor or a employment lawyer.